photography chose me, and i fell in love with the snap of my camera

a little about me.

Just a girl trying to figure out my place in the world where my passions and creativity colide.  I am a recent college grad and I am going back to school for my masters. My family says I am an overachiever and I would have to agree with them; but when I know something is right for me, I am passionate about whatever is thrown my way.


Rewind to 2009, where I had blonde chunks peeking through parts of my hair and took the graphic design to have an excuse to be with my friends in class to feel like I fit in. I learned the basics and quickly fell head over heels with being behind the camera and Photoshop. Mind you, I wasn’t perfect and had a lot to learn, but I soon learned to prove myself and others.


Fast forward to 2014 where I challenged myself in college to experience more than just business classes. I expanded my portfolio and learned art is just that: art. It is whatever you make of it. Photography and graphic design have shown me: be who you want because there is the only one you (so what, if other people don’t like that). Two years later, I graduated from Grand Canyon University with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing and started Modern Roses. I am continually challenged with working with an array of clients and projects. I have never been happier to explore and have a creative outlet.


What do I love most? Being apart of my client's memories, hearing their stories capturing & reflecting through my camera how my clients may not see themselves.